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How to Avoid 3 Deadly Dating Traps

Do you like the way the singles dating scene works today?  If you ask most singles, they don't.  The old ways of dating just aren't effective anymore.  Why not?  What's going on?

When I was in the dating scene, I had a need to be happy.  I was also afraid of being alone for the rest of my life.

Sounds simple and innocent, doesn't it?

While my goal was to be happy in my relationships, I honestly didn't know how.  As a result, I mostly stumbled along the dating scene and made a lot of poor relationship choices that left me in some dating traps and feeling unhappy, afraid and confused.

So let''s take a look at 3 deadly dating traps and how to avoid them so that you can prepare yourself for a fulfilling, happy relationship.  A dating trap is an unsolvable problem that results in unhappiness in a relationship.

Dating Trap #1 - The Attraction Trap

When you fall into the Attraction Trap, you make relationship choices based on feelings of attraction.  For example, you interpret a strong physical attraction to someone as a sign that the relationship is a good choice.  This approach results in relationship failure because you ignored the red flags while infatuated.

Attraction is the radar that helps us find our partner.  But when you are in the Attraction Trap, you are blindly following this radar.  Rather than make relationship choices based on feelings of attraction, ask yourself why you are attracted to this person and if that person meets your relationship requirements.

How to Avoid:  Balance your attractions by defining your Requirements and use them to scout, sort, and screen potential partners.

Bottom Line?  The faster you can discover your relationship requirements, the faster you will become ready for and attract your life partner.  And now I would like to invite you to claim your free access to my FREE self-empowerment exercise that will help you discover your requirements for your ideal relationship when you go to From Relationship Coach Rev. Scott Simpson.

Posted by Scott Simpson on 18th March, 2012 | Comments | Trackbacks
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I’ve helped Christian singles find romantic fulfillment for two decades As an ordained Presbyterian minister, I’ve given relationship and dating advice to hundreds of members of my congregation and my community. It’s been amazing to watch them grow as individuals and as members of healthy relationships.

Scott Simpson
Master of Divinity, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, Texas

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